Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Prayer Request

We would really appreciate your prayers that our house would rent. Our lease will not be up by the time we move so we will lose our security deposit if we have to leave and the house is not rented yet. The Lord knows our needs and we are trusting Him to do what is best!


Raylene said...

Diane just forwarded me the link to your blog, could you please email me about your house and the rental situation. I'm interested in knowing more. Thanks, Raylene

kathy said...

You've got them!!! Thanks for keeping me posted. Praying for you all the way to TX. ~AK~

Georgetta said...

Just saw this prayer request so I will be praying. Maybe Raylene will be the answer. I needed to rent my apartment before moving from FL to ME in 1991and He did it for me.