Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Boothbay Harbor

My dear friend Elisabeth has come from Colorado to spend the week with Emma and I while Justin is away on a business trip. We are having a wonderful time spending time together, packing, talking, talking, and doing some more talking! Today we took a trip to Boothbay Harbor so that Elisabeth could see some of Maine. We picked up my sister and she is coming to spend the next few days with us. Yeah!!! I am so grateful for my dear sister and sister in Christ!
Hannah is so excited to be finally approaching my height. I didn't realize that she was so close! I looked at this picture and said "Ah! Am I really that short?!" I got quite a reaction from Hannah :-P

Being goofy!

We did have Emma with us, but we didn't take any pictures of her because she was all bundled up in the stroller and tucked under the cover. Here is a delightful little smile from yesterday :-)

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Georgetta said...

You girls look like you are having fun talking and talking. Isn't that something that Hannah has grown so tall. And sweet precious Emma looks like a little doll.