Friday, January 30, 2009


Here is the link for our pictures. Just click on "view your proofs" and then enter the password: JBHorsman.

Wedding Details!

(I have been having some problems with my computer so I have not been able to post any pictures this week. But I did want to give you all some details about the wedding, especially for those that couldn't come.)

January 3rd, 2009 was a beautiful, sunny, and REALLY COLD day! God is so good and really blessed our wedding day. Some friends of ours did our photography and they did a PHENOMENAL job! Thank you Dan and Sunny! I am going to post the link for their website so that you folks can see our pictures and get an idea of what our day was like.

You know, after spending months planning the wedding it was really strange to hand it all over Saturday morning and not be able to do anything else, but our wonderful crew of friends and family did a beautiful job running everything so smoothly.

Here are some highlights and interesting moments from our wedding.

* Believe it or not, we got married in a transportation museum!
* We each had nine attendants. We were so blessed to have our closest friends standing up there with us!
* Justin's little sister was our flower girl and my two youngest brothers were our "bell ringers" (they rang bells as they came down the aisle.)
* All 10 of our siblings were a part of the wedding party :-)
* Our ceremony started of with a video that we had put together telling the story of how God brought the two of us together.
* My dad officiated our ceremony for us and did a fabulous job!
* We had 430 chairs set up for the ceremony and I think just about every one of them was full.
*Our head table at the reception was 4 tables long! Try getting a picture of that :-D
* You may notice in the pictures that my "throw" bouquet was made up of red roses with one white rose in the center. The white rose represented purity. Before throwing it I encouraged the young ladies to carefully guard one of the most precious gifts that God has given them--a gift to save for that one man that God has for each of them.
* No, Justin did not throw a garter. He actually had a white tie that also represented purity.
* Before sending us off our two families joined us as we sang "Be Thou My Vision."

We really didn't have very many problems, but the ones that did come up were rather humorous.

1) Lost the suit pants for little brother, but by God's grace found them in time for the ceremony
2) One of the groomsmen picked up Justin and split his pants! He held them together with ducktape and safety pins for the ceremony but then wore his kilt for the reception :-D
3) One of my brothers fainted, the youngest ran out in the middle of the ceremony because he had to use the bathroom, and another brother had to go sit down to prevent fainting!

I have to admit that as the guys started going down behind Justin I was seriously wondering what was going on with the girls behind me! Praise the Lord they were all fine.

January 3rd
was a very precious day of praising the Lord as we were surrounded by our closest friends and family. Thank you all so much for blessing us and for being such an encouragement!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Our wedding cake!

Some friends made our wedding cake for us and their son made a video of the process.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

We're home!!!

We had a wonderful two weeks together and really enjoyed the beauty of New England. We spent the first 5 days in North Conway, NH at a beautiful place called the Stonehurst Manor. This was probably our favorite!

We stopped at a neat little town in New Hampshire to snap some pictures.

Next we went on to Newport, RI where we stayed at the Abigail Stoneham Inn. We enjoyed checking out the ritzy area without all of the summer tourists! We also went on a mansion tour, but sadly we were not allowed to take pictures inside :-( It was really cold but we had lots of fun!

The staff did a lot of fun little things for us!

That is a WATER BOTTLE on the coffee table! The Inn had several really neat features including a water bar, soap bar, and pillow bar.

This is one of the mansions that we toured.

We ended our honeymoon with a few days in Boston.

Believe it or not, my wonderful husband (a die hard Yankees fan) took me to Fenway Park for a tour of my team's ballpark :-) Go RedSox!!!

Align Center
I love this place!

On our last evening in Boston Justin took me to hear the Boston Symphony Orchestra. We had a lovely evening!

We are praising the Lord for safety and a wonderful time together! Justin and I still look at each other sometimes and can't believe that we are actually married! Thank you so much for your love and prayers.

Friday, January 2, 2009

I can't believe the wedding is tomorrow! I probably won't be posting for a little while :-D but I will be sure to give you all an update when we get back from our honeymoon. May the Lord bless you all richly in this new year!