Sunday, October 30, 2011

How can there be so much sweetness wrapped up in one little body?!!!

love, Love, LOVE this little guy!!!


My dad has been filling in at a church on an island called Vinalhaven. I had never been out there so Dad was able to schedule one of his visits there while we were in Maine. We went out on Saturday afternoon so we could see some of the island and then stayed through Sunday afternoon. It was so much fun! It was a great opportunity to soak up the beauty of Maine that I miss so much and make sweet memories with the family!

Isn't the Maine coast just gorgeous?!

Playing with her uncles :-D

Josiah and Asa are growing up so fast. Josiah is now taller than me (I know, it's not that hard!) and I hardly even recognize him by his voice now because it has gotten so deep!

I can almost smell the salt air!

It was a little too windy to bring Reagan out :-)

Camping with the family!

So here is my very, belated post with pictures from our camping trip when we were in Maine last month.

Emma had so much fun with her Auntie

(Not so incredibly thrilled with being in her pack 'n play while we worked on the camp site :-)

My view while having my quiet time...nothing like a quiet lake on an early morning in Maine!

LOVE camfires!!!

Snuggling with Grammy (sometimes I miss being small enough to do that :-) so grateful that my kiddos have such a special grandmother!)

Bacon and eggs!

Emma loves her Uncle Josiah :-D

Time with Great-Grammy

Asa has a way of bringing out the smiles in people :-) He has such a love for little ones.

Caught in the act! ;-P

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Free Handbag!!!

Whoohoo! I just love purses (and my little Emma is totally following in my footsteps! :-) OK, I don't usually do this sort of thing, but my friend Trina shared this link on her blog (and I copied and pasted from her post ;-P) and I couldn't pass it up!

I would LOVE a new purse. For FREE!

From now until October 31st is offering you a $10 certificate for registering at their site. Then, if 3 of your friends (or beautiful, faithful, lovely, darling blog readers - you know who you are!) sign up through the link you share with them, you get a $25 certificate! Oh, and they offer free shipping!

Seems too good to be true. But it works - I already have my first $10 certificate and am off to browse the site for a new fall purse!

So, here's the link -- Get your $10 gift certificate by clicking on my referral link below. Happy shopping!