Monday, June 16, 2008

Engagement Pictures!


Janille said...

YAY!!!! I'm SO happy for you both!!! Can't wait until the wedding!


P.S. Bethany, I really like your long hair :)

The Ort Family said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Praise the Lord for granting you both the desires of your hearts!

Ana Marie

Kim said...

Congratulations Justin and Best Wishes to Bethany! God is so good, we cannot outgive Him. Honoring His ways reaps rewards beyond our hopes and dreams. We have come to love Justin and enjoy his enthusiasm for music, life and the Lord. We are looking forward to getting to know you better Bethany . . . and are so pleased to share in your joy!

Bruce & Kim Augsburger

FanofGod said...

Hey Justin and Bethany
This is Miranda from teenpact haha I just wanted to say it was so wonderful getting to know you both at the student project, and seeing how you both have listened to God, and let God take control of your relationship is really encouraging to me! Our God is so good, and it is beautiful to see how he has worked in both of your lives! You guys were a great example to me! I will be praying for you as it gets closer and closer to that special day!!

Much love and God Bless : )

wildapple said...

Hey Justin and Bethany,
I haven't met you yet, Bethany, but together you make a beautiful couple and the love you have for each other is very evident. Keep being true to yourselves and that love will carry you. Justin, you opened my eyes to the sense of humor that God has when you got a speeding ticket and told me "it was an adult sized spanking from God!" Thank you for opening my eyes!

David & Melissa said...

So happy for you two!

Bethlehem you are a blessed girl ;)

Elisabeth K. said...

Whooohooo!!! Excitement fills me me to the brim for you both! :) Congratulations! :) Like Janille, I can't wait for the wedding either!


Veneficus said...

Great pictures, Justin! I'll bet it was nerve-wracking though. ; )

This is Shane, your CollegePlus coachee. Congratulations!