Monday, June 16, 2008

So what has God been doing in the lives of Justin and Bethany?

God used the 5 months of our courtship to do so much in each of our lives. Four of those months were spent chatting, writing e-mails, and enjoying an occasional BLESSED phone call while I was on a missions trip to Asia and Justin was studying for his bachelor's degree in San Antonio, TX. It was a very challenging time, but a very precious time as well. We grew to know and love our Saviour in a whole new way, and in turn, grew closer to each other with each passing day. I returned home in May and began working on preparing for a campaign project that Justin was coming home to run in June. Those weeks before he arrived home were a very busy time, but also a precious time spent catching up on everything with a MUCH cheaper phone plan!

I was greatly anticipating Justin's arrival on the 31st of May. It had been 5 long months since we had seen each other and although our communication had been precious, it was nothing like seeing each other face to face! Early on in our courtship Justin had said that he didn't want to have a long engagement. We both knew that he would be in TX until October and I was pretty confident that we wouldn't be getting engaged before then. As the time for his two week visit in June drew closer I began to pray that we would get engaged sooner than October!

A few weeks before Justin came home for his visit we decided to plan out our schedule for that time so that we could fit in all of the things that we had been hoping to do. Justin told me that he wanted to go to the Portland Head Lighthouse while he was home so we planned for our two families to take a picnic lunch and enjoy the day at the ocean. I must admit that I had a bit of a suspicion that something special might happen that day!

Justin arrived on Saturday and Monday morning our two families met at the lighthouse. We spent some time throwing the frisbee around in a field and then Justin asked me if I wanted to go for a walk. Hmmm!!! We took a walk along the beautiful shoreline until we came to a bench overlooking the ocean. Justin asked me if I would like to sit down for a little while. As we sat there he pulled out a piece of paper and told me that he had written me a poem. He sat there and began to read it to me and the last two lines go like this:

"Bethany Joy, now that you have become my life,
I ask you, would you please be my wife?"

Of course I said yes!!

We have enjoyed a precious two weeks together and are growing more excited each day as we prepare to spend our life together. We are planning our wedding for January 3rd, 2009. We would greatly appreciate your prayers as Justin heads back to finish school in Texas and I go back to working at my family's diner and begin making wedding plans. We love you all. May God bless you richly!

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