Saturday, July 5, 2008

Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE THIS GAL!!!? That's right, this is not Bethany writing but her man Justin :-D (I'm sorta new at this blogging stuff:-) To all of you out there that are not married yet, I can't emphasize enough what a pure delight and fulfillment it is being able to give your WHOLE heart to the one our loving Father deems as His BEST for you! Hold on for that special gal or guy, and you will NEVER regret it! I just wanted to say hi real quick, (I am working on my part of the "courtship story", and will get it online as soon as I can! = I am trying to finish up school right now) and let you see a few of the pics of the trip Bethany and Leigha took to come down here to Texas!!! That's right, they came and visited me! their Grandpa, and Uncle Bob, and Aunt Sue, as well as my Granny, and Uncle Danny and Aunt Marry. WOW!!!! What a treasure it was being able to enjoy a few days with my love :-) I've heard a "rumor" that she will be posting a description of our trip soon, so I won't go much more into it, other than to say it was sooooo cool being able to enjoy the sights, and sounds of San Antonio, TX (I've been down here now for about 9 months) with my Lady and her sister! Whether we were enjoying a romantic walk down the river walk, shopping for a Texas A&M hat in a sports store, eating a fine candle lit dinner at the Cheese Cake Factory, or doing my personal favorite, simply sitting on the couch and having one of our beautiful "heart talks", it was an unspeakable blessing having my future bride with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A big special thanks goes to my new "sista" Leigha for her friendship, patience, and picture taking! She was a BLAST to have with us! It was truly a dream come true being able to show my Sweetheart a few of the places I've been living around, and so without further ado, here are some of the pics :-D


Bethany said...

Oh I love you Justin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carissa said...

Congratulations Justin and Bethany!!! It seems like I never see either of you. Being married is an amazing blessing!!! It is difficult at times, but God has blessed us with an amazing gift in marriage. I am enjoying watching your story unfold...and encouraged to see God working in your lives. It is amazing what God will do in our lives if we let Him have control. Again, congratulations! :)