Monday, August 9, 2010


Yes, Emma and I are in Maine. My cousin got married on Saturday so Emma and I flew up for the wedding. We are here for a few weeks enjoying family and drinking in the fresh country air!!! I had almost forgotten how wonderful it smells here :-) It has been such a blessing to be with family these past few days and we are looking forward to more. Here are a few pictures of our time so far.

This picture was taken at the wedding. On each side from left to the center and then from right to the center we have four generations. The young lady next to me is my second cousin. She and I grew up together and worked together at our family's restaurant ( .) Now we are both married with little girls :-) Our moms (who are first cousins) grew up playing together and our grandmothers are sisters! Pretty neat huh?!

Playing the piano with Auntie

Saturday evening my in-laws had my family over for supper and the guys tried out the new horseshoe pit!

Watching :-)

Can you tell which team one?!

I have taken several pictures with my in-laws but didn't have the setting right on my camera so they were quite blurry. I will have more to share later.

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