Thursday, August 5, 2010


Ok, so let me explain something about my wonderful hubby! Justin has several sayings that are uniquely his ;-) In his days at ALERT he and one or two of the other guys loved to see how long it would take others to start saying whatever the catchy phrase was that they had started. Supposedly it wasn't long before they would have everyone else using the same phrase. Our family gets quite a kick out of his creativity!

Here are a few examples...
1) Cool Beans (i.e. neat, or awesome)
2) Camassive (Really, REALLY BIG!)
3) Oh Billy
4) Oh my billy goodness!

I just love living life with you Babe! Thank you so much for asking me to be your wife!!!!

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Hannah :) said...

HAHAHAHA I picked up "cool beans" from him at the Scontras Project and I'm the only one that says it around here now! :-D
That and something he said which always made me laugh was.... "baboosk"?

I'm laughing now thinking about it and seeing him in my mind saying it at the phone center.