Friday, July 2, 2010

Family Fun!

I have been organizing my pictures and found these from our quick trip to Maine back in April.

Playing with Daddy on the airplane

You would think she was having fun with Auntie...

...and Uncle Levi!

Who ever thought one little girl could keep so many people entertained for so long!

Emma and her Great-Grammie Moody

Big smiles for Aunt Leigha :-)

Playing with Mammaw

Going for a walk with Auntie Ollie

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My Grandma Was Right! Food Matters said...

I was in Main many years ago. A friend of mine won a Presidental Award for a Sensory Based Garden for the handicapped in New Hampshire. We took a trip up to Main. I stuck my foot in the Atlantic Ocean with rolling waves of snow hitting the shore. I ate clam chowder and lobster awesome! I live in the food hills of the Sierra Mountains in California. I am a Holistic Health Practitioner and specialize in life threatening diseases; cancer and diabetes, autism, etc. Don't know how I got to your website....Hello and Happy Prosperous New Year! You have a lovely happy family, too.
I am begining a blog, too. My Grandma Was Right! Food Matters! Come Join me. Facebook and Wish pond Store.