Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More pictures from Maine!

Yes, my brothers tried to "kidnap" me and keep me from leaving. I praise the Lord for such special little brothers and look forward to seeing them in November!

Emma with her Great-Grammy Beck

The three sisters, and I am officially the shortest now! :-)

Before Justin and I got married the family was given a giftcard for ice cream. Mom and Dad decided it was time to use it while we were all home. (Sadly Justin was already back in Texas.)

Helping Grammy with the laundry :-)

Enjoying my hubby while he was with us for a few days :-D

I can't believe how quickly my littlest brother is growing up!

Though our paths don't cross as often as when we were both at home all of the time, Leigha is still my very dear friend and sister. We are greatly looking forward to her visit later this fall!

Emma and her Great-Grammy Reed/Moody

Cousin Susan

Cousin Raychelle

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