Saturday, January 30, 2010

"To Grandmother's house we go..."

Well, the three of us are of on a two week trip to San Antonio, TX! Justin's company is flying him down for some training so Emma and I are going along to visit family. My grandfather lives in Texas as well as Justin's grandmother, aunts and uncles, and cousins. When we visit Justin's grandmother we will also be picking up Kyle (my brother-in-law) at ALERT, and Jarrod & Christy (my sister-in-law) ,whom we haven't seen since their wedding in August, will also be driving in from Tennessee! They are anxious to meet their new niece and we are really looking forward to the family reunion.

I probably won't be posting until we get back since most of the places we will be at don't have internet. Until then may the Lord bless you richly! See you in two weeks! :-)


kathy said...

Have a wonderful time!!!!! Give Grandpa, Sherri, John and Butch a hug from The Schlernitzuaers!!!!

Bethany said...

Will do!



Mom said...

WOW! Great-Grampa Reed! That's what Dad will look like in 25 years. It is so special that Emma has a picture with her great-grandfather. I treasure the picture of you and Great-Grampa Moody.
Love and miss you all,