Monday, September 28, 2009

Common Ground Fair

This past weekend we enjoyed the Common Ground Fair with my in-laws. This fair is quite different from any I have ever been to. There are no rides or games, but rather it is more of an exhibition. Maine people come from all over to demonstrate old and lost trades. All of the food is organic and Maine made. It was really quite fascinating!

Olivia and I

Justin's grandmother is here from Texas and it was fun to have her along. She is quite the character!

Olivia won this bumper sticker by doing a bean bag toss at an organic milk stand. Off course her dad and brothers all had to do it too and they won these bandannas. We had to get a picture!

Yes, my belly continues to grow! Only four weeks left until my due date! We are getting very anxious to meet this little one!


Brent and Kaity said...

You look wonderful, Bethany... oh, I remember that feeling of "I can't wait to meet this baby!" and it's totally worth the wait. You and Justin are going to be great parents!

Praying these last weeks go smoothly for you and that you have a wonderful delivery. God bless!


Justin and Bethany said...

Thank you Katie. I am so excited for you and Brent. I just can't imagine what it is like to hold your own little one. Thank you for your prayers. We greatly appreciate them!