Monday, May 4, 2009

Baby Update!

I am now 15 1/2 weeks along and praise the Lord the morning sickness is almost all gone!!! I still feel queasy in the evenings, but otherwise I am doing really well. Our first appointment with the midwife will be on the 13th. I can't wait to hear our little baby's heartbeat! We were supposed to meet with the midwife last week but she had to go to a birth and since babies that are ready to be born don't usually wait for other people we thought we had better reschedule and let her go to the birth! :-) We are actually using the same midwife that my mom has used for several of my siblings and she has become a friend of the family. It will be quite different going for myself and not just accompanying my mom on one of her appointments! Ellie is a wonderful midwife who has been practicing for 25 years so we are really excited about working with her. Please be in prayer that we will have opportunities to witness to her.

Our baby is about the size of an apple. He/she weighs 2 1/2 - 3 ounces and is almost 4 inches long from head to toe.


Peter said...

When is your due date? How exciting!

Justin and Bethany said...

My due date is October 3rd :-)

Peter said...

Awesome! Dannah is January 8.