Monday, March 23, 2009

Hockey Game!

Last Saturday night a group from my home church went to a Portland Pirates hockey game. We went along with them and had a great time. Our seats were right in the front row so I found myself covering my head several times when the players, or their puck, slammed up against the wall right in front of me, but it was really cool to be so close.

I really wish I had caught a picture of this, but I wasn't fast enough with the camera. The mascot was skating around throwing t-shirts to the crowd and came right up in front of us. He was just about to send a t-shirt flying over the glass to our group when he saw Justin's hat! As soon as he saw that it was a Yankees hat he started gesturing his dismay and made it obvious that he was NOT throwing us a t-shirt! Justin got quite a ribbing from our group but of course he thought it was great!

We decided that we needed a picture showing where we both stand on the "issue"!

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