Saturday, November 22, 2008

Off to Texas!!!

Two weeks ago I left with my future in-laws on a trip to Texas. We went to see Kyle (future brother-in-law) promote from basic training at ALERT. This is the same program that my brother Zach went through last fall. Kyle plans to head back to TX in January as he begins the second phase (Emergency Responce Training) and then studies law enforcement. We had a wonderful time together as a family and I really enjoyed meeting my soon-to-be-extended family along the way.

Miss Olivia enjoying her fried chicken and french fries!

This was Kyle's plate...a frying pan!

We enjoyed a fantastic southern meal at the Lambert Restaurant, it is in Missouri and is called the home of the "throwed rolls." While we were eating there was someone walking around with a cart of hot rolls and if you asked for one the guy would throw it to you, even from the other end of the room! It was quite the experience!

Eating on the road!

Dad Horsman and Olivia


Hannah :) said...

So neat! Happy for you!!
I LOVE road trips. Adore them. especially with people you love!

My mom and dad have been to that restaurant!

Bethany said...

Neat! It was a lot of fun :-D