Friday, September 5, 2008


My family totally surprised me with a bridal shower while my dad's sister and her family were here from New Jersey. I was not expecting a shower this soon and my mom and sister Leigha did a beautiful job of putting together a delightful evening!

These beautiful cups were a gift from one of my great-aunts.

Olivia Horsman and Anna Grooms making my "practice bouquet"!

Front: Olivia Horsman Back left: my sister Hannah, Back right: my cousin Anna

My cousin Raychelle and I

The "bouquet" Anna and Olivia made for me :-)

My future mother-in-law, Susan Horsman is sitting on the left talking to my dad's sister Debbie, who is on the right.

Visiting! :-)

These are our wedding colors: deep rose red, black, and white.

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